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For his indecisiveness. When he doesn't like the number he gets, he rerolls...

A gift from his fathers to keep the rain off his head.

A ball he tends to lose when it bounces away, but it always ends up back in his hands eventually.

Bedtime story
Fairy tales, but maybe it's plausible with the kinds of beings in their world...

He's required to have tea time with his sister.


Where I Belong
This character has one or more found family members.
Social Anxiety Disorder
This character has Social Anxiety Disorder/Social Phobia.
Sole Sister
This character has a sister.
Double Trouble
This character is a twin.
A character who is themed around being cute.

Character Overview

Rodel is one of Vellenice’s detectives, the twin brother of Cherry Vilppu, and the detective who solved one of Vellenice’s most haunting serial cases. Rodel is a shy child by nature, he tends to get emotional often, and can’t read, so he relies on his older sister usually. Despite this, he is very smart and strategic, making a pretty good detective on his own.

Rodel is confident about his beliefs, even if he may be a pushover to other's decisions, knowing in his mind what he would otherwise do. It's pretty difficult to change his mind on most things due to this. He's a very bitter person internally, keeping his rude thoughts to himself, so he usually seems polite or quiet. When one gets on his nerves or really stresses him, he can say very blunt and sassy things that surprise others. It surprises culprits when he deceives them, but Cherry doesn't know about this, thinking he must be kinder than her. His timid nature and worrier tendencies keep him from making a lot of progress, often keeping the worst case scenario in mind when he undergoes things. His shyness also prompts others to make choices for him that he habitually goes along with

Likes: The rain, Mysteries, Hugs, Piggyback rides, days off(no murders)
Dislikes: Pushyness, Pants, Traveling at night, Far away cases, Ghosts.

Character Lore

CW: Death mentions

In his last life, Rodel always shared his life with his twin Cherry. They were still as inseparable as they are now. Born to parents who could not care for them financially, they were given up early on before they could walk, soon adopted by foster parents. Even in his previous life he wasn’t exactly at his sister’s side, saying he was behind her is more truthful; he was timid, quiet, and depended on Cherry to do most things in his stead. Since they ultimately shared the same values, most of what she’d say, even if rude, would match what he’d think to himself. When he was roughly 6 he had become one of the victims claimed by a massive sinkhole in their town. He had expected the day to be as tedious as the rest, assuming he’d say good morning to his family, and say goodnight at the end of the day. In this case, he couldn’t even say a proper goodbye when his hand left Cherry’s among a startled crowd, sinking with everyone around him. If fate was something that existed, to be reborn with Cherry in another world was fortunate enough to him.

When he came into being in Vellenice, awakening beside his sister Cherry, Rodel started off intimidated by his surroundings. Like the rest around him, with time the red rain is considered harmless and a disregarded backdrop of their town. Settling in with the Vilppu's, the town's only pair of detectives, Rodel found himself at home with them and his older sister. Everyone looked after him with care and appreciated spending time together, even though some of them may clash at times and bicker over small things. He'd notice his sister studying to be a detective like her fathers whenever they'd leave the two unsupervised, not being able to read the material himself, but Cherry reiterated her learning enough for him to pick it up as well. He didn't strive to become a detective initially, confident that his fathers would both disprove of something dangerous, but he also couldn't say no to the passion in Cherry's eyes when she insisted they work together. And so a habit started where Cherry would accept small cases when her fathers were out, looking for lost objects or gathering information at others' requests, Rodel getting experience with her. They'd both get scolded when their fathers returned, but they did acknowledge their kids had a nack for the role. When Emii and Emigdio become new to the job, Cherry ropes them all into accepting a murder case with her. Despite Rodel's fears, the case ultimately goes well with the killer being caught, even though his fathers were upset. From then on it's known that the four kids are a great set of minds together, and while its preferred that they dont venture to do dangerous cases, they're good at it, Rodel included.

By now Rodel has done many cases with his team, sometimes alone with Emii, sometimes alone with Emigdio, but the majority always with Cherry. When a handful of men disappear in Vellenice, Rodel is the one who solves the town's infamous serial kidnapping case. After that he reaffirms that being a detective is truly something he's adept at. The rest of his days are otherwise very predictable, something he likes, preferring a calm rainy day over one where everyones on edge over a crime. Nothing escapes the town's detectives, all incidents eventually catching their eyes, and Rodel is glad he can contribute to a greater peace. He knows some towns have schools, some children are just taught about the world from home, but he still enjoys the life he has where he gets to experience a story rather than imagining it. The world itself isn't as magical as it could be, and he's met many crafty types, but it's naturally overpowered by the good in the world. If he imagines his future, he expects it to be with his family and friends doing well. He hopes that he can be partially indepenent from his sister, or that she can likewise rely on him at times, but that they individually can become incredible people. His current life still parallels his prior one, but he'd surely find the one shrouded in red more delightful.

Character Relationships

Cherry Vilppu

Aemilius Ciriaco
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While the two clash in taking leadership over cases, they're considered the most fearless of the kids, as well as the ones with the best intuition. It'll annoy Cherry that Emii gets things done at times by impulse rather than using science, but they've saved one another enough times to still show they care about the other as good friends.

Emigdio Francisco
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Character Design

Design Notes

- 3'8, short. Tips of his hair curl towards his face.

- Expression is timid usually, but looks sour behind other's backs.

- Often wears shorts or nautical fashion.

Color Palette
From left to right: skin, hair, eyes, clothes

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