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Aemilius Ciríaco FULL NAME
Dullahan SPECIES
14 AGE
Vellenice, Italy HOME
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So her head won't fall off!.

A simple gold necklace with a blue gem tucked inside.

To write notes on her hands.

She gives it away as she's sick of it.

Her mother would faint if she read about her cases.


The heroine of Vermillion Panacea.
Heart of Paper
A character that was originally created on a traditional art medium.
A character who is themed around horror or being spooky; cryptids, halloween-based, etc.
Best Developed
A character whose development/story is among their owner's favorites.
A character that is dearly beloved by the owner.

Character Overview

Aemilius Ciríaco is one of Vellenice's detectives, an occasional helping hand to her culinary-artistic-adoptive mother, but there’s a chance she has a greater role in her world. With one of the crimson world’s only traces of blue, encased in a pendant, Emii searches for the meanings behind their town’s monochromatic history.

Emii has a strong sense of justice and a commitment to doing what has to be done for the sake of others, even if she may put herself at risk. This mindset pushes her to take the lead naturally and guide her companions, prompt to fill in the gaps of others' limitations. While her nonchalant resting face can appear uncaring and dismissive, it can also distract from a situation or reassure her partners that she's strong willed typically. She's also very secretive about various things, in general not quick to warm up to others, but she deliberately hides her pendant and neck abilities from those close to her, mainly to keep a trouble free impression. Since shes quick thinking and acts fast, it can be arduous to keep up with her thinking or actions. There's a handful of instances during cases where she'll run off to get a prop or do the unexpected, leaving her fellow detectives or clients watching in confusion to see how things unfold. If she doesn't announce her plans, many can never grasp what she's thinking.

Likes: Mysteries, Family, Ballet, Faris' music, Panna Cotta
Dislikes: Small kids, Dolls, Magic shows, Crows, Tangled Hair

Character Lore

CW: Mentions of death, body horror

Before her time in the Vermillion world, Aemilius was a simple Italian girl growing up with her uncle and a family friend. Frankly, her untimely death coinciding with many others is what prompted the Vermillion world’s fabrication. Even then, when she was still alive, she had been close to death before. During her early childhood, Emii was used to having her loving parents around, including her uncle, Ammon, who’d also treat her like a daughter. Eventually her family dynamic changed, treating Ammon as a father when her parents passed away due to a violent break in to their home. Miraculously, Emii survived after being strangled, with a noticeable scar on her neck there on, but she no longer remembered what happened during or prior to that night. Moving forward, she was at terms that she no longer had parents, believing her uncle's words that her parents loved her, and continued her life as is. Under Ammon’s care, the two stayed in Emii’s familiar childhood home, but soon enough another pair joined them. With her husband in the military, Aellae, a longtime friend of Ammon’s, joined the Ciriaco’s with her son, Faris. The two children were closer in age compared to the adults around them, and their caretakers hoped that by sharing a childhood together, they wouldn’t be as serious as they had become given their circumstances. Surely enough, they considered each other siblings. Emii considered Aellae as her mother, and Ammon as her father, but didn’t consider the two in a relationship at all. When she would rarely see Faris’ father, she got along with him, but didn’t feel as impacted by him due to his absence. By the time Emii became 14 in early July, she was approaching a summer that’d alter the lives of those around her. Coming from a town that bragged being the birthplace of a great diplomat, Capella, there was a celebration as she was changing her career to a more influential one. Not interested, Emii tagged along with Ammon, but that was the day a colossal sinkhole swallowed a portion of the Italian town. Perhaps due to her fear of death, or of death to those around her, those who passed that day reappeared in a Vermillion world.

Emii's debut in Vellenice was the same as everyone else's, manifesting by herself suddenly with no recollection of a past life. As if destined, she was drawn to a blue gem hidden in a pendant alongside her, while the rest of the world consisted of red tones. The truth is that a crow had carried the necklace from Capella's estate, so it was merely a coincidence for Emii to find it, still, she clung to the idea that she had an important role in their world. Once found by Faris, she was adopted as the second child of the Ciriaco family. On her first night at the Ciriaco's home, a considerably large crow had broken through her window to reclaim the pendant, but she was able to evade the attack by running away and spontaneously getting help from Emigdio. Unable to hide the broken window from her adoptive mother, Aellae, Emii felt guilty enough about the trouble that she wanted to get a job to pay for repairs. While Aellae could've handled it, she allowed Emii to take the responsibility, although she would've preferred full time help in the bakery she owned whenever she had to leave for commission work, mainly working as a freelance culinary artist. In her search for a job at the town's bulletin, she ran into Emigdio, who frankly didn't earn much from his mundane gondolier job. Eager to make her feel welcome into the town, he opted into job searching with her. When a mishap with a ghost led to Cherry and Rodel taking note of the pair, Cherry was set on getting her own disciple detectives. Her fathers, the real detectives of their town, initially stepped in to dissuade the kids from the line of work. By the time a prospect walked in for help with a ghost, the head detectives decided they could send out Emii and Emigdio, promising a job if they could stop the client's ghost problem. It went ok for the most part, and so they offcially became detectives. After a while of small cases and requests, they eventually run into cases with killers with Cherry and Rodel, propelling Emii's involvement in the work she does best.

One case after another, one day after another, Emii lost count of her time in Vellenice. She faced a handful of successes and clients at peace, yet a complimentary amount of failures and difficult truths brought to light. She'd grown closer to those around her now that she got a good grasp on the mundane, likewise allowing herself to be vulnerable with those important to her, but not close enough to bring up the mysterious parts of herself. Regarding her capability in removing her head seamlessly, it'd fallen off accidentally in some instances, but she's diligent in keeping that from happening around those familiar with her. So far it's something a few culprits here and there have seen, along with Cherry on one occasion, but even she understands it can be functional in scaring a villain or "playing dead". Of course, Emii herself hates having to resort to it, unable to look in the mirror at a seemingly morbid sight, so it's best to keep that a secret. As for her blue pendant, she inevitably ran into Lady Capella on a few occasions, but, having more than one of the world's blue relics collected, Capella lets Emii hold onto the pendant for now. If she had lost it in the first place, it wouldn't hurt to leave it in the hands of someone who's taken care of it since. While Capella doesn't elaborate on her knowledge of their world, just as stubborn as Emii in their shouldering personalities, she'll enlist her help from time to time, amused at sharp abilities such a young person has. Emii doesn't fully trust Capella herself, but becomes just as intrigued at the constrasting life Lady Capella lives compared to the overstated role she's put in. As for her daily life, Emii treats the red rain as white noise, with trips to sunny neighboring towns feeling strange without the sound and sight of endless rain. Compared to the fast paced, rainy life in Vellenice, the other towns dominate in other qualities; Gandolchal's forests illuminated by inumerable fireflies, the dazzling festivals in Alcarres, the renowned visual and magical arts founded in Mersimmare, and the cities of mermaids off the coasts of Corucete. While she can recall a number of disturbing cases in each town, visiting leisurely, alongside her mother Aellae and brother Faris for her mother's commissions, there's more than enough easygoing experiences to ensure the majority of the world can be appreciated. Established as one of her town's detectives, Emii continues her investigations as they come, along with figuring out more about the pendant she has. While a part of her wishes to live life idly, content with the company she has and the goals they'll accomplish together, the mystery of their world sits heavily on her mind.

Character Relationships

Emigdio Fransisco
"Emigdio has been kind to me since my first day, but we also began running into trouble then as well. No matter what happens, we're able to figure things out together."
Emigdio and Aemilius are detective partners, new to the role at the same time, working well even if their strong suits are different areas. They compliment the others' gaps nicely, close friends by now who typically at the other's side even on a day off. While their goals seem different for the future, they would still like to be involved and celebrate each others' happiness.

Cherry Vilppu
"She always likes to take the lead when we investigate, and that's admirable until she takes all the credit for the cases afterwards."
Cherry introduced Aemilius to detective work, both incredibly adept at a duo together, just impulsive with communication issues at times. But since they're used to that by now, able to read the others' mind without a word, they adapt well to the other when needed, good at improvising with culprits on the spot, or at least running away. Both think that they are smarter than the other.

Rodel Vilppu
"He's a lot like a baby, but I shouldn't look down on him as he did save me and Emigdio during the case of Vellenice's Monster. He is making a lot of growth as a detective, and I'm proud of him."
Aemilius finds Rodel cute, just as much as anyone else would regard him, but she also respects him heavily. He's something of a little brother to her, where she'd like to include him in a lot of things even when his sister isn't around, to let him learn some autonomy. Emii's approach is more, "lets do this together" than "I'll do this for you".

Character Design

Design Notes

- She's 4'11 with an upright posture and looks serious or deadpanned.

- Fashion sense includes 1900s nightgowns or detective themed clothing.

- Always wears neck coverings or her head falls off.

Color Palette
From left to right: skin, hair, eyes, pendant, clothes, shoes

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