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Bambina Zhavoronkov FULL NAME
Belodar, Russia HOME
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Music box
A gift from Audette.

It clings to her hair.

She wants to be updated with the news.

Ballet shoes
A hand-me-down from Coquelicotta.

Since her nose is very sensitive to strong smells.


Floral Divinity
This character is inspired by or related to a flower; Baby's breath.
Horned Creature
This character has horns.
This character is a demon.
New Face
A character who was revamped at some point.
Sweet Moves
This character is themed around dance.

Character Overview

Bambina is a young girl from the demon sanctuary town, Belodar, currently studying in Reuya during the daytime. She is fond of dancing and reading history books, playing with her best friend Audette, and aims to do ballet when she is older.

For the most part, she can be independent and doesn't ask others for help with new things, willing to give things a try herself first. She's deemed fearless because of it, but she thinks of it as just messing around until she perfects something. She's pretty organized too. She's fairly shy if she meets someone new, quiet as a way to appear polite and observe others' mannerisms becoming adjusting to it. It takes multiple visits for her to grow comfortable, and to actually remember them, so if they get casual by the second meeting, she treats them as a stranger, but doesn't mean any harm by it. She's too obedient so if there's something she doesn't feel like doing, she'll still do it because someone asks it of her, like a chore or a task she isn't confident in. She just assumes others are right in guiding her and if they ask her for help, she doesn't want to waste their confidence in her.

Likes: Snow, Birthdays, Chopin, Ballet, History
Dislikes: Mud, Strong smells, Tiny flowers, Space, Tourists

Character Lore

Born in a family consisting of her scholar mother, conductor father, and bookworm brother, Bambina could never remember a time she was bored. There was always someone around her, teaching her something new, even if it was her housewife neighbors babysitting her when she was a toddler. Whenever her mother was always out of the house for varying periods of time for tutor work, Bambina felt her brother, Venn, probably paid the least amount of attention to her. “You’re thinking your brother loves books more than you, Bambina? Well, that’s how your mother and I feel too, but he isn’t leaving us for a young lady, at least!” She didn’t get much help out of her father, that’s for sure. Instead, she decided to try reading and reaching his level, in hopes that he’d at least discuss books with her. She read an array of genres and types of literatures, and yet, forgetting her plan to be closer to her brother, Bambina became invested in history books. Analytical and realistic, she simply couldn’t keep her interest in fairy tales, mesmerized by the remarkable people that lived before her.

At one point, Bambina’s mother was summoned to teach an influential individual’s child for a while, and Bambina had read their family’s collection of books almost as quickly as Venn had; if she were to learn anything more, she should just enroll in Snezhana’s morning classes at the orphanage. It was awkward at first for Bambina, she knew nothing of Reuya, and she thought she wouldn’t fit in with children who were already acquainted and grew up together. Venn had noticed her unease during her first few days, and took her to see a ballet performance as a distraction. It was the most incredible thing Bambina had ever seen.

From there, she went to school with the classical tunes stuck in her head, mimicking the movements and intriguing her peers, retelling the elegant event to everyone. Imitating an arabesque form, Audette recalled a dusty jewelry box with a spinning ballerina decoration that sat in her home. Gifting it to Bambina the next time they met, the two became close and talked about more than ballet with time. They both had older brothers, were demons, and so on. Audette personally was into art, claiming one day she will paint everyone in Russia, Bambina asking her to put off a painting of her until she becomes a famous Ballerina. With that, the two look forward to growing up together, should their towns keep Baba Yaga away.

Character Relationships

Venn Zhavoronkov
"Venn, can I stay over at my friend's in Reuya tonight? It was that easy...then, can I stay there for a week? Aw..."
Venn is her big brother, his age gap with her making it hard for him to notice her; she's too short to see and too shy sometimes for him to notice her body language and needs. She knows he's too busy with his books most of the time, having her own friends at least, but sometimes wishes he'd pay more attention or get jealous. It's mostly due to him being her only immediate family that she sees often, her parents not very present due to work as well.

Linell Chardon-Chiem
"Hey, put me down! You're the worst!"
Bambina has a one sided rival dynamic with Linell, who knows he shouldn't take her so seriously. He talks with Venn a lot more so Bambina is partial against him, but he can tell she stares a lot behind the bookcases. He shows he isn't intimidated by picking on her, which isn't really mature of him either. Occasionally he gets her gifts and at least remembers her birthday, being the one to actually remind Venn...

Audette Shcheglov
"Lets play today! Can we, during our break...and after school too! If it snows we can make snow angels-- well, they'd be demons then, right?"
Audette is Bambina's dearest friend, a girl close in age to her, but in another town. They attend classes together most days, playing a lot until someone escorts Bambina back to Belodar. Frankly, Bambina is too attached that she has a bit of a crush on Audette, becoming bashful when Audette says her dancing is beautiful.

Character Design

Design Notes

- 4'0, short. Hair is dark and goes past her hips. Has two low ponytails with 3 braids at the bottom.

- Wears elegant or flowing knee length dresses, likes skirts that move when she twirls or seem ballerina-like. Wears boots.

- Stands with her hands behind her back, swaying on her feet often. Looks curious.

Color Palette
From left to right: skin, hair, clothes

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