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Ferelith Rosse FULL NAME
24 AGE
Law student OCCUPATION
Ireland HOME
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For some quick energy.

Badminton set
To play recreationally.

Water bottle
It empties fast.

Cola champagne
The only soda she likes.

Hair accesories
Bead shaped clips and hair ties for her small bubble braids.


Originals Award
The first character to ever be created by this owner.
Half Irish.
This character is intelligent, well-read or otherwise suited for academia.
Highly Explosive
This character is anger issues.
City Lover
Camping is not in this character's dictionary. They prefer the comforts of indoor living.

Character Overview

Ferelith is an Irish/Japanese Law student invested in badminton, fully enjoying living away from home due to her controlling parents. Seen as cool for her involvement in sports, high grades, and dynamic duo reputation with her boyfriend, Michon, she would much rather not be a focal point in others’ lives for the most part.

She can naturally leader like by taking charge of projects before others do, making sure things are perfect and everyone is doing their part fairly. She is very studious, smart, but doesn't stop trying if there is always more to learn out there. She is generally uninterested in others, skipping small talk with classmates to do her work, and tends to avoid social gatherings even if it's a celebration. She knows she is too stoic to liven up a space, but around Michon she's pretty fun because she's just picky with who she is comfortable with. That's when her cool facade is gone. Under her fair and mature exterior, she is pretty childish and doesn't like losing or being second place. She frustrates herself if there's mistakes, or if she does something she personally thinks is embarrassing or showing vulnerability. She's very bitter and a pessimist.

Likes: Productivity, Cola champagne, Jogging, Trivia games, Argyle
Dislikes: Cooking, Mushrooms, Makeup, Untied hair, Dairy

Character Lore

Ferelith comes from a family of traditional views, where beliefs controlled her future more than she could. During her time as an only child, she was an incredibly bored and unsocial child, told she couldn't go to a friend's home or be out late, questioned even if it was a school club. Early on this made other children find her standoffish and rude for not reciprocating a friendship, but she figured there wasn't much she could offer. Just talking was a hassle if she didn't think of her life as exciting, simply another kid growing up in an unchanging suburban town. When Aoibheann was born, she wasn't given the order of taking care of her brother, always set to focus on her schooling while her parents were individually strict with Aoi.

At the very least, while she never got along with her brother due to their age gap and her maturity since a young age, she wasn't alone over the years because of Michon. Many who tried to get close to her disliked her personality, and if persistent, they gave up eventually. The most persistent was Michon, a boy she met in middle school with no regard for her privacy. He'd strike conversations up between classwork, as she read, as she ate alone, as she walked home alone. Turns out he was a close neighbor even. One way or another, she began to open up to him in ways she didn't show others; her furious faces, annoyed faces, and suddenly laughter with a mischevious face if he'd embarass himself. Somehow they'd become friends and she didn't realize it gradually happening. He was truly the driving force to make her play badminton early on, up to their high school years, and even now despite their different colleges.

When Ferelith chose to go to law school, she moved out under the pretense of being the roommate of other girls, but she really just moved in with Michon now that they've been dating for years. He's simply doing work as a badminton player, always a fan of the limelight, while Ferelith focuses on the subjects she understands best. Ideally, she intends to become a judge, to move to a larger city, and to raise the doberman that her and Michon adopted at one point. She doesn't often think of her little brother because of how quickly her life is moving, but Michon thinks it would be a good thing if the two could get along in the future.

Character Relationships

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"Ah, I do have a brother in my hometown. Yeah, sorry, I don't remember how old he is. Beats me. I don't want to go back there anyway."
Even if they're siblings, Ferelith was never close to him. In fact, she was annoyed when he was born because his wailing at night kept her up when he was a baby. Working towards law school took up her time, and so was badminton with Michon over the years. Her family never doing vacations simply left them no room to bond, but who even got along in that family to begin with? She could see her parents no longer being in love from a young age after all. There's some pity for Aoi for also being in such a stagnant home.

"You're still such a handful, hasn't adulthood taught you anything? What? You don't even pay rent where you live? What the hell..."
Cousins only one year apart in age, but mature in different ways; Chicory is childish but carefree because of her strict childhood, while Ferelith is stern and mature from hers. They actually get along very well, more than Ennis and Ferelith do because of their ages. When they hang out, everyone thinks Chicory is her little sister since Ferelith instinctively looks after her (e.x yelling at her for not looking when crossing roads, having to hold her hand because she won't pay attention...)

Character Design

Design Notes

- 5'6, slightly taller with chunky sneakers or heeled ankle boots.

- Fashion sense is preppy, collared tops, printed skirts, argyle. Ponytails.

- She naturally has a serious and uninterested stare, rarely smiling unless she's hanging out with friends.

Color Palette
From left to right: skin, hair, eyes, clothes

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