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Charaniel Rodin FULL NAME
25 AGE
Patrolling Soldier OCCUPATION
Reuya HOME
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Wearing her halo brings out her wings. She always wears it.

When it gets too cold outside.

An ornate rifle she carries, but never uses.

Grown on her windowsill, the bulbs were a welcoming gift from Snezhana.

She has a big collection in her room, gifts from Chrysanthos.


This character is an angel.
This character has a phobia of thunder and lightning.
This character is half Polish.
Sweet Revenge
This character is out for revenge against those who have wronged them.
Best Developed
A character whose development/story is among their owner's favorites.

Character Overview

Charaniel is one of the Angel soldiers stationed in Reuya. She's known for her serious demeanor and incomparable rifle skills, despite not ever having shot anyone and limiting herself to inanimate targets. Part of her job is being a demon exterminator, but she is rather hesitant and afraid of ending another life, believing it's the wrong thing to do. Still, having been killed by a “Baba Yaga” when she was an infant, she’s intent on finding the serial killer before he strikes in Reuya.

Even if she doesn't immediately show it, she's very compassionate towards others and wouldn't hesitate to save others by risking her safety. She hates the idea of taking another life, demon or not, but would do so if she ran into the type of person that does kill others. While she is insistent on not lying much, if she does her body language is very easy to read. It's a good thing that she's honest, but when she does want to hide something it's obvious when something's going on. She becomes unusually quiet and seems extra serious thinking about something. Her negativity is something that holds her back, whether it shows in her occasional temper or her lack of self esteem. She is a fairly insecure person who doesn't want praise for her dangerous skills, and wishes she could be helpful without a fatal resolution. She's overall an admirable person who doesn't realize it.

Likes: Tulips, White chocolate, Light layers, Hot springs, Hairstyling
Dislikes: Shooting, Interruptions, Asking for help, Baba Yaga, Nuts(allergic)

Character Lore

CW: Infanticide mentions

Charaniel started her short life born in Poland to a Polish woman and Russian man, being the only child, and one that was always remembered as peaceful. When the family moved to Russia shortly after her birth, they became fear stricken as much as everyone else who'd heard of a child murderer on the loose. Not one angel could live up to the fear that the serial killer titled "Baba Yaga" stirred across the country. While rumors and superstitions spread of quickly baptising your children for protection, unfortunately, Charaniel was one of his victims regardless of any precautions. Charaniel had passed away shortly after her first birthday, and while she would have liked to remember her parent's faces the most, her first memory was the distinct silhouette of her murderers; a tall, long haired demon with large distinguishable horns in the background, but a vague silhouette of what could've been a lackey doing the work. When she recalls her upbringing in heaven, she was raised as a child soldier, mainly due to her parents still being alive on Earth; this was the only place for parent-less children to go. This did impact her mindset growing up, wanting to excel in things, yet who exactly was she trying to impress but herself? Were it not for her meeting Chrysanthos and Apollyon, she assumes she would have stayed a very bitter and cruel person as some angels had become in their militant lifestyles. For Charaniel, she excelled at using a rifle among the weapons before her, and even if instructors and peers praised her skills, it was an ability meant for murder, something she ultimately didn't want to do. Still, she always focused on getting things done rather than being entirely upset at her predicament. The ones who'd truly take her mind off things would be Artemii and Chrysanthos. Chrys was first, a figure that'd bring them all together in the first place. While Charaniel was in heaven the longest, Chrysanthos had passed and met her in heaven. He was a strange boy with picture perfect memory, and the way he spoke so wonderfully of human life captivated her. As for Artemii, he was very similar to Charaniel's workaholic tendencies, a stoic boy whose sweeter sides Chrysanthos wanted to bring out along with Charaniel's. Seeing as older angels would go to and from the world of the living after being stationed, the trio of young angels worked hard to be able to go together one day. Artemii would fulfill his personal goals, Chrysanthos would create better memories of the land he came from, and Charaniel would see the world from scratch. To her, it sounded magical.

While it'd be expected that angels were to hunt demons, being stationed was mainly for the sake of a town's safety. When the trio was assigned to the Russian town of Reuya following uncertainty of a dangerous person in the region, Charaniel didn't expect to become close with demons and humans alike. Although their first impressions all varied, with time Reuya was considered "home" to the angels, their presences likewise familiar. Her first thoughts were like someone wearing glasses for the first time, stunned, curious, content. It was late fall when they'd arrived, right before winter officially began. Chrysanthos had told her some stories about life, but to see it in person was very different from imagination, and he'd also been vague so surprises weren't spoiled. Things like snow were mesmerizing, all kinds of warm, homemade foods were nice, but there were also a couple downsides. When the first thunderstorm hit, frankly Charaniel wasn't warned and probably got scared by the thunder. While that's not a phenomenon she's used to even now, she truly did enjoy the time she'd share with her companions and the townspeople of Reuya. When she learned the town consisted of more demons than humans, mainly being a demon sanctuary town, she preferred to get on their good sides. Everyone had the same common goal to raise the children of the town together, correctly, and to protect them should any danger arise. As if she'd been dreaming the whole time, the potential of seeing Baba Yaga again would be her nightmare.

Reuya is peaceful whether more inhabitants come and go, every now and then more demons appearing such as Lacra or Mircea. To Charaniel, she's fine with simply patrolling a portion of the town while her companions check the rest of the area. Life is fairly mundane, and she's grown accustomed to so many aspects of her surroundings. Still, there's a bad feeling in her mind that the peace can't always last, that for each good omen there is the threat of a bad omen surfacing to counter it. When she sees a certain demon one day, one she's never formally met, she knows for certain it's the monster who'd taken her life in the past. While Charaniel keeps the best interests of Artemii and Chrysanthos at her every action, she knows that also entails risking herself should she ever see Baba Yaga or, more accurately Radomir, once again. To her surprise, Radomir was acquainted with Chrysanthos, being treated as something of an old friend and father figure to her partner as he'd taken Chrys out of his bad childhood. If this man was Chrysanthos' savior, he was still Charaniel's greatest enemy. Perhaps he didn't recognize the faces of his victims with a plethora being children he'd never see again, supposedly including Charaniel. After what would've been a nice meeting between the two at Chrysanthos' request, when they'd all seemingly parted ways, Charaniel followed Radomir home that day. Figuring out where he lived, she'd gone in alone with her rifle in her shaky hands. What she'd found astounded her; wall to wall were the wings of various angels displayed like trophies. Knowing him only as a child murderer, Charaniel was even more terrified, but knew she couldn't back down if he would also pose a threat to Artemii and Chrysanthos. When Radomir discovered her infiltrating, a fight ensued. Refusing to lose to the same demon again, Charaniel retreated badly injured, her wings nearly taken, but she did not want to disclose her findings should the truth end up hurting those closest to her. When her strength returns, her goal is to confront Radomir once again before he targets anyone in the town.

Character Relationships

Chrysanthos Yupei
"Make sure you finish writing your reports today... I want to spend time with you when you're not busy. Wha-- I can't stay right now, you get distracted too easily!"
Charaniel's longtime boyfriend whom she met in Heaven when he died at 11, while she'd lived there all her childhood. His stories detailing what Earth was like encouraged her to join him as a patrolling soldier when they both grew up, but she's content with being at his side most of all. Their relationship is a private one that only Artemii and Coquelicotta are aware of, and Charaniel's own intentions to eventually propose to Chrys would shock him as much as everyone else.

Artemii Funar
"Artemii, I stopped by because I'm finished with my patrol. Chrysanthos didn't help you cook? Here, I'll take care of dinner, go get some rest. Would you like some tea in the meantime?"
Charaniel's dear friend, like a brother to her, Artemii met Charaniel after passing away. He didn't say much, especially his opinions about his life as a human, but Charaniel is glad he is enjoying himself now that he's back. It must've been a matter of the crowd around him that impacted his experience. The two are on the same wavelength and don't bicker, both level-headed and dutiful as angels, but they both need to take breaks!

Radomir Narumenko
"If I ever find Baba Yaga...I could live with the consequences if it spares the lives of other children. I was an infant, but the sweet children in Reuya are would be a tragedy for them to remember someone so terrible."
Charaniel initially doesn't run across the demon responsible for her death as a baby, but the knowledge in heaven that such a person caused multiple child deaths spurred her intense desire for revenge. When she does meet him, her instincts don't leave room to br mistaken. Attempting to investigate him later the same day, she loses a fight against him, his whereabouts unknown afterwards. Determined despite her fear, she'd rather fight him by herself than with her companions.

Character Design

Design Notes

- 5'5 without shoes, 5'9 with heels.

- Can wear soldier-esque clothes, polish clothes, or russian clothes.

- Hair is very wavy and curls at the tips, she has curtain bangs. If straight her hair passes her hips.

Color Palette
From left to right: skin, hair, eyes, clothes

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